Steve Davis


Steve heads up our medical and trauma training unit and trains every class we offer


Steve (no relation to Jay) has a bevy of experience that can boggle the mind.  An avid student of the ways of the warrior, Steve has spent a tremendous amount of time under the expert tutelage of some of the industries top instructors.

Steve served in the U.S. Army from 87 - 94 as a Combat Medical Specialist, doing pre- and post-hospital emergency medicine.  Steve also served as a civilian ER Tech, and EMT from 91-94 and is currently teaching chemistry to high school students.


  • Fighting Pistol - Tactical Response
  • Advanced Fighting Pistol - Tactical Response
  • Way of the Rifle - Tactical Response
  • Intermediate Distance Fighting Rifle - Tactical Response
  • Fighting Shotgun - Tactical Response
  • The Fight - Tactical Response
  • The Fight Continues - Tactical Response
  • Low Light Building Clearing - Tactical Response
  • Response to Active Shooter - Tactical Response
  • Immediate Action Medical - Tactical Response
  • Vehicle Tactics - Tactical Response
  • Tactical Instructor - Tactical Response
  • AK FUNdamentals - FTC (Sonny Puzikas)
  • Violence Uncensored VI - FTC (Sonny Puzikas)
  • RX Seminar - Master Key - Rex Defense (Rex Tibor)
  • Unthinkable - Aprill Risk Consulting (Dr. William Aprill)
  • MAG 20 - Armed Citizen's  Rules of Engagement- MAG (Massad Ayoob)