tactical range founding membership




The Story


In 480 B.C. King Leonidas lead an army of around 7,000 soldiers, including just 300 Spartans.  King Leonidas has been memorialized in history based on his bravery and fighting prowess, along with the bravery and fighting prowess of his 300 Spartans.

One thing that he is most well known for happened at the battle of Thermopylae while battling against the Xerxes and the Persian Empire.  When he realized that he had been betrayed and that the Persian army had found a way around the Spartans position at the Hot Gates, he sent the remainder of his army away, staying to fight a battle he knew he could not win with only his 300 Spartans and a few other allies.

But there they stood, shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield.  Standing for right.  Standing for honor.  Possessing the strength, courage and discipline to fight a war that needed to be fought because those they loved would be in jeopardy if they did not.  Winning was not the objective.

The world had to know that in the darkest hour, free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a god-king can bleed.

His bravery and efforts have been the model for the protectors of society ever since.

The Connection


So where is the link to Crusader Tactical Academy?  

We are training people to protect themselves, their families and friends and their way of life...i.e. their society.  We are looking for 300 members for our range to serve as the foundation for our future. 

Membership has its benefits...

  1. As long as you maintain your membership, your cost will never increase
  2. Invitations to the 300 Battle Plan meetings to discuss the future of the range, lending your voice to our vision
  3. Access to special training opportunities
  4. And any other cool stuff I can come up with...

In order to use the range, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must complete the membership application located here.
  2. You must have a current license to carry a concealed weapon in your state.  If your state does not offer or require a concealed carry license, or your are over 18, but not yet 21, you can take our Combat Pistol Boot Camp.
  3. You must attend and pass the Range Orientation under the supervision of one of our instructors.  That instructor must certify that you are good to go to use the range.
  4. You must maintain your membership payments.  If your payments lapse, you can re-up, but you may not be able to re-join the 300, as there are only (you guessed it) 300 slots.