Jay Davis


Jay is the owner and concept dude here at Crusader Tactical.  He has been training folks for over 10 years as well as attending multiple training classes himself.  A perpetual student of martial arts, firearms, and technology, Jay is constantly striving to improve himself, his skills and his fitness.


Jay spent just shy of 10 years as a U.S. Marine, serving from '86-'95 primarily in electronics and electronic countermeasures.  During Desert Storm/Desert Shield, he was drafted to serve in several capacities, including some trigger time in the door gunner slot.


  • Defensive Handgun Course Utilizing Vehicles - SOT
  • Gunfighter Trauma Care - DDT
  • Beyond Concealed Carry - TIG
  • Progressive Fundamentals and Movement - TIG
  • Way of the Pistol - Tactical Response
  • The Fight - Tactical Response