Many organizations are jam packed full of information and drills and instruction.  We think that is great for those that have the level of appetite for that level of intensity.  For many warrior students, that kind of environment is perfect for them.

However, what we have found in speaking with several folks that have taken those classes as their first foray into the way of the warrior, is that it becomes too much for them to consume and they end up taking the class several times.  Many of them feel like they are drinking from the fire hose and cant incorporate all of the great instruction.

Our curricula is segmented into discreet chunks based on the content type so that our students can consume them in smaller segments if needed, or larger segments if they can handle the load.  Our key goal is to provide Military Grade Training, but to provide it in a way that is easily consumable with practice plans for you to bring into your routine.

For the Weapons Handling courses, like Combat Pistol, there is a 5 class segment, each class lasting 1 day.   We offer them in sequence from time to time, so if you want to take them in larger segments you can.  You will find them on our calendar sometimes as a standalone class, or in 2, 3, 4 or 5 day segments so you can take all of the classes back to back to back if you want or one at a time.

For some of our other curricula, like Tactical Communications,  some of those classes must contain more information to get a complete view of the topic, so you may find 2-day classes.

We strongly recommend that wherever you train, take their full curriculum in a given topic.  Don't stop at the first level class.  Dig deep and learn everything you can from every instructor or organization your find reputable.